health effects of 5g network

Health Effects of the 5G Network

Nuclear energy, chlorinated chicken, and now, consumer advocates warn of health risks that the new mobile telephony standard can bring. Can the 5G fall by popular resistance? Is there good reason to be concerned about the health effects of the 5G network?

To guarantee 5G coverage, countries around the world, including Australia, would have to be perforated like a chessboard to install towers with a coverage of up to one kilometer. Taking the example of Australia, they do not exactly embellish the landscape with more than 74,000 antennas that currently feed the mobile phone network in the country. And, still, they are not enough: only about two-thirds of the surface of the country has network coverage.

That should change with the 5G network. Starting in 2020, the necessary infrastructure will be installed. According to federal government policy, 98 percent of households must be able to access the service.

5G uses higher frequencies than its predecessor 4G/LTE, and the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. LTE stations have ranges of up to 20 kilometers. In the frequency range that is currently being tendered, the maximum range is one kilometer. Significantly more 5G towers will be needed to amplify the signals. There is a global concern around the health effects of the 5G network.

Towers Everywhere

Around 800,000 towers would be needed as a basis for full coverage of the 5G network nationwide, and this is just Australia. There will be a significant number of 5G towers in Australia needed to provide 5G coverage to people across all states. Added to this is the fear of 5G Australia health risks: the density of the transmission towers could increase the so-called “electro-smog,” some scientists warn. To avoid this, the “5G Space Appeal” initiative has directed a call to the United Nations, the European Union, and national governments.

Is 5G A Crime?

The application of 5G is an experiment with humanity and the environment, which international law defines as a crime. Federal governments around the world are taking the concern of many citizens very seriously about the possible effects of radiation during the expansion of the 5G network.

For many, this formulation does not answer the question of whether the 5G wireless technology is harmful or not to health. It shows that the debate about the future of 5G technology is heating up around the world.

All those who enjoy reading about 5G Australia news or this universe of things that are halfway between pseudoscience and the world conspiracy are in luck: there is a new guest at the party. If we did not have enough of the chemtrails, the Wi-Fi and the rest of electromagnetic waves, the undetectable chemicals, the Flat Earth (or the Hollow Earth), the energy of the Reiki, the emotions that cause cancer or the miraculous remedies for invented diseases, now we also have 5G!

5gWhat Is 5G?

5G is what we call the technology of the fifth-generation wireless communication standards. It is an extension (a development, an evolution) of the current 4G LTE. It is a system that will allow us to call, write, and surf the internet at a much higher transfer speed, allowing more devices to connect at the same time. In principle, it is the new generation to radically increase the speed of mobile internet in both directions, and that allows us to handle videos in Ultra HD or 3D models, almost without batting an eye. To give you an idea, the 5G Australia Vodafone network would allow us to multiply the speed of the network between 10 and 20 times.

On paper, 5G is an almost essential technology to survive the electromagnetic bottleneck that exists in large urban agglomerations. Of course, its technological limitations will mean that, at a rural level, its capacity is limited. Some say it’s another great reason to move to the country!

Cellphone Exposure Effects & Diseases

There have been studies that show the harmful effects of exposure to LTE on brain activity. The concerns around 5G are if the antennas are now 20 times closer together, does this mean as 20-fold health risk? There is good reason to be concerned about the health effects of the 5G network. Some of the biological effects that may arise out of this exposure are as follows:

  1. Sperm Damage
  2. Weakening of Bones
  3. Genetic Stress
  4. Increase in The Glucose Levels in Brain
  5. Dysfunction of The Immune System
  6. Harmful Effects on Unborn Children
  7. DNA Breaks

There are also other links of the effects of these radiations on some diseases like autism, breast cancer, brain tumor, brain cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Although there is still a lot of research required on cellphone radiation, especially with regards to LTE, this is still alarming. Watching the correlation of 5G implementation and certain cancer cases will be most interesting over next 5-10 years.

Relationship between Cellphones and Cancer

Recently, a lot of research shows the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on the health of an individual. Studies show that rats that were exposed to a signal of 900 MHz GSM before and after their birth for a period of 2 years or 28 days had different reactions. Some of the signs include a tumor in the heart, carcinomas in their prostate gland, DNA damage, and many other diseases. It was clear from the study that the incidence of tumors known as malignant schwannomas that are usually presented in the heart increased in male rats. It was also noted that there was overall damage to the heart tissues in both females as well as male rats.

This research has gone a long way in making us understand the effects of continuous radiation and cellphone usage on rats and how this impact can mimic human beings. Several other studies paint an alarming picture on the effects of LTE, 4G, and 5G radiations on the health of women, men, and children across the globe.

The skin is also not spared by the effects of 5G radiation. A paper published by Israeli scientists touches on this subject and talks about how sweat ducts present in the skin’s upper layers reacts to exposure to the 5G radiation. The scientists suggest that this could also result in high radiation absorption rate. They concluded by raising a warning flag and saying that the unrestricted usage of all these sub-THz technologies for the purpose of communication can lead to massive health effects for people across the globe.

Therefore, it can be said that although these technologies are a lifesaver in the present times, and essential to the advancing world, the adverse effects also need to be tackled for the health and well-being of people.

Final Words

The health effects of the 5G network have not been scientifically tested to date. Yet, we know that the radiation from 4G and these antennas will be 1 km apart and will be much more electrosmog dense.

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