Car EMR Harmonizer

Introducing the latest model of the USB Car Radiation Harmonizer. A totally portable Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) neutralizer. It combats the harmful energies released from the car’s electrical system. It also protects the back seat over the fuel tank. The effects of unseen Earth Magnetic Grid lines that you are exposed to whilst driving are also replaced.

Unknowingly, your car’s EMR field produced by its electrical system engulfs all passengers with harmful levels of positive ions. These can deplete oxygen levels in the atmosphere that leads to nausea, motion sickness and fatigue. The engine exhaust gauges and exhaust pipes can also contribute to the rising levels of positive ions inside the car. This can put you at increased health risks.

How do I use the Car Radiation Harmonizer?

Simply plug in to a USB slot for immediate benefit and cleaner air.This Harmonizer creates healthy levels of negative ions in the atmosphere.

This neutralizes the harmful effects of positive ions inside your car. Create safer and healthier road trips for you and your family.

Benefits of the Car Radiation Harmonizer:

  • Greatly reduces driver tiredness that allows a safer driving experience.
  • Greatly reduces motion sickness among passengers whilst on the road.
  • Increases oxygen levels in the atmosphere so passengers can breathe easier.
  • Does not require batteries or re-charging. Runs off the car’s own electrical system.
  • Can be used in any car with a USB socket. Contact us if you do not have a USB slot, and would prefer an older style using the cigarette lighter socket.
  • Totally portable.