Negative Ion generator

Choosing the best negative ion generator

Negative Ions – why do we need them?

To understand how choosing the best negative ion generator can have an impact on your health, let’s understand what they do and why we need to neutralise positive ions in the environment.

The purpose of a negative ion generator is to emit extra negatively charged electrons. These electrons attract positively charged particles that float on air, otherwise known as noxious energy. Some of these naturally occurring particles include, but not limited to dusts, bacteria, fungi, and even odour molecules.

Positive charge resonance also occurs naturally below the surface of the earth, and is called geopathic stress.Man made positive ion generation comes from electromagnetic radiation (EMR), Wi-Fi, and outputs from other technologies, pollutants in the environment, seen and unseen. They can be measured, and the effects felt and shown in the body. These Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere.

Negative ions – the oxygen atoms with extra negatively charged electrons – are present in natural environments, especially near bodies of water. When visiting the beach, you can taste and feel the difference in the air quality. Similarly, when you’re near a waterfall. Negative ions can also be prevalent after a thunderstorm had passed.

Negative ions are not often found in your office or home, especially with so much technology around us.  This is not only within your home, and also from the local vicinity. The absence of negative ions means we feel fatigued, heady and have concentration difficulties. We know the benefits of opening a window, to let fresh air permeate, or having plants within your home, to absorb the positive ions.

What is a negative ion generator?

However, it requires a great deal of fresh, unpolluted air and greenery to make a sustainable difference to your environment. Choosing the best negative ion generator will add to your wellbeing experience. Help attract positively charged molecules such as dust and other particles within your environment or room with the right tools and products.

The negative ions generated by the device will then neutralize the particles in the room or your home. Neutralization means the particles fall to the floor or surface. Aside from this, the odour molecules in your home, office, or room will be neutralized and will disappear.

What are the benefits of negative ions?

Being surrounded by a continuous supply of negative ions is essential for optimal wellbeing. To have a feeling of energy and vitality, to help think clearly and function, without breathing issues.

According to a meta-analysis study on the effects of negative ions to patients with asthma, it was found out that the negative ionization in the air can modulate the response of the bronchi of the patient.

On the other hand, the asthma patients exposed to negative ions were found to benefit more. Moreover, the 27 patients in the study who were exposed to negative ionization benefited from the environmental changes.

What are Negative Ion Generators?

There are different products in the market that can be used to generate negative ions in your environment. In the simplest means, you can generate negative ions by streaming hot water in your shower. However, you cannot do this simply in your kitchen or bedroom.

Many devices simply cleanse the quality of the air in your home or office. They can be used to help generate negative ions in all the rooms in your home.

Technology is contributing to many of the modern day health issues through the EMF they radiate. However, the latest technology can also provide solutions to eliminate the issue at the source. you need to be aware of the options when choosing the best negative ion generator.

Some of these products include the following:

  • Geoclense Home Harmonizer

To protect you and your family from EMF radiation, the Geoclense Home Harmonizer is plugged into your electrical circuit, without using any power. This device emits negative ions which can protect you and your family from free radicals and electromagnetic fields. It clears the positive ions generated throughout your home for up to 200m radius (so one Geoclense is more than enough for a 4 bedroom house).

All you have to do is plug the device in an outlet. Once the device is turned on, it will then help remove the effects of naturally occurring geopathic stress. Moreover, Geoclense is also capable of harmonizing technological pollutions at home and in your local environment.

To read more about the benefits of the Geoclense and how it works, please refer to the FAQ on Geoclense section.

Space Clearing Dome

If you want to protect yourself within a room or office of up to 40m sq, then a Space Clearing dome is the best choice. The dome can be placed on a flat surface in your office or work station. It helps in neutralizing the electronic radiation in the room, as well as geopathic stress.

It has the same benefits of the Geoclense, though does not clear the electrical circuits of your home, nor cover such a wide area. If you are surrounded by neighbours who also use Wi-Fi, Smart TV’s, a Geoclense will be more effective. EMF from a modern TV extends to 200m.

Aircraft Harmonizer

Another EMF protection device is the aircraft harmonizer. This is highly recommended in order to ensure that the air in the aircraft or cabin is healthy with negative ion energy.

Considering the benefits of negative ion energy in the air, it helps to provide a comfortable flight to passengers. The harmonizer is also believed to minimize nausea among passengers. It is the most lightweight of the range of EMF protection products. This makes it  ideal to carry in your handbag, with your laptop, or in a school bag for your child to offer EMR protection.

Car Radiation Harmonizer

Whilst out driving, we are exposed to so much geopathic stress and well as man-made EMF radiation. A car radiation harmonizer neutralizes the positive ions, as well as the toxic fumes emitted from the fuel tank and engine. This can have a positive effect on motion sickness and nausea experienced in a car.

This harmonizer offers protection against EMF in the car for you and your family’s health. To use the device, all you have to is plug it in the auxiliary power socket in your vehicle.
It also includes 2 USB sockets so you can recharge your devices on the go.

How to use your negative ion generator

There are different ways to use the negative ion generator you purchase. However, these generators can either be plugged or just placed on top of a flat surface. It depends on which EMF protection product you determine is the best for you.

The most important aspect of these negative ion generators to consider is the health benefits of negative ions to your health and wellbeing. Consider if you would just like to clean the quality of the air, or get to the root cause of the EMR. When you can balance positive charge resonance, otherwise known as toxic energy, with a negative charge resonance field generator – the Geoclense – you no longer have this harmful energy within home or office.

Put the health and wellbeing of your family first. Create a safe living environment and protect your energy at home, office and on the go.

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