EMF Protection Ener-Band

The electromagnetic stress in the body is neutralised by the ionic structures infused in the ener-band (via patent pending technology). This supports the meridians in your body, and helps reduces cortisol (stress levels) caused by environmental factors.

Feel more energized through your day, knowing the EMR fields do not affect your systems and body. It’s not that it ‘gives you more energy’, rather, it takes the effects of other factors draining your energy fields.

It is ideal for those energy sensitive people, and the perfect solution for school kids, where a Geoclense is not plugged into their environment.

It balances other sources of positive ions when you are out and about such as:

  • Mobile phone towers, 4G & 5G network signal
  • Wi Fi emissions, Bluetooth & mobile devices
  • Sewer, grey water and drinking water pipes
  • Electrical appliances, wiring and power lines
  • Fluorescent lightings
  • Underground water veins
  • HAARP beams

Earth radiation called geopathic stress is found everywhere, and is produced by

  • Underground water veins
  • Seismic fault lines
  • Earth magnetic grid lines including Hartman, Curry and Benker
  • Radioactive geological matter

Solar radiation (from solar flares and solar winds) also produces harmful beta-gamma radiation. The personal protection pendant will neutralize these harmful effects on your body.

Of course, it will protect you within the home as well.

Can anyone wear the ener-band?

Yes! Simply slip onto your wrist as an alternative to wearing or carrying a pendant.

Ideal for school kids, either worn on the wrist or ankle.

Perfect for the gym without needing a pocket to hold the pendant, and easily washable after a good workout!

The lightweight silicon rubber means it is waterproof, fine in extremes of temperature and very durable.

The Ener-band is available in 3 sizes:

Child Ener-band – 160mm

Womens Ener-band – 180mm

Mens Ener-band – 200mm

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