EMF Protection For Your Home

“Studies have shown over 85% of patients who die from cancer have experienced regular exposure to geopathic stress”
(Dulwich health Society survey of 25,000 people)

Create a safe energy space with EMF protection for your home & office with a range of anti-radiation tools to neutralize deadly invisible EMF & EMR as well as geopathic stress.

The Geoclense is a patented product designed to eliminate the harmful effects of radiation in and around your home. Simply plug in, switch on, and reduce the stress levels in your body almost immediately.

For a smaller space, such as an office or apartment, the space-clearing dome is ideal, though it does not neutralise the electrical circuits as the Geoclense does.

EMF protection for your home is essential to help live a cleaner and healthier life, from over 30 types of man-made and naturally occurring forms of electropollution.

Re-energize your food and water, making it taste better, last longer and eliminate residual toxic energies. Use the water and food plates to enhance your taste buds.


People often comment how light and clear my home feels, I put this down to the Geoclense clearing the space and offering EMF Protection for my home. I do not travel without one (or a dome). If you are energetically sensitive, you will feel the difference.

Traditional methods of clearing home by burning sage, incense or using Himalayan salt crystal lamps can still be done. Although they cannot offer the extent of protection a Geoclense or dome do. They do not deal with electrically generated toxicity, nor do they have a great range. Feel free to use existing methods in addition to an advanced neutralisation device.

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