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/FAQs Index for Protect Your Energy
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You may have many questions about radiation and the products we sell to protect you from EMF, radiation and geopathic stress. Please use this FAQs index to find the answers you are looking for.

If we still have not provided the solution – feel free to contact us

FAQs on Infrared

FAQs on Geopathic Stress

FAQ’s on Grounding

FAQ’s on EMF

FAQ’s on Schumann Waves

FAQ’s on Flying

FAQ’s on Scalar Energy

FAQ’s on Children and EMF’s

FAQ’s on mobile phone radiation

FAQ’s Different makes of products

FAQ’s Geoclense Home Harmonizer


Each one of these links provides the explanations of how radiation exists, how it effects you and your health, and what you can do to help prevent harmful EMF, geopathic stress and wi-fi radiation permeating your home, office and car.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your health. Find out how the environment inside and out your home could be potentially harming and stressing your body. Something that can easily be avoided with energy protection products found throughout this site.