FAQ’s: Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile Phone RadiationHow is Mobile Phone radiation emitted?

Mobile phones communicate by using radio frequency (RF) radiation energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range which can be absorbed by the tissues closest to where the phone is held. If RF radiation is high enough, it produces a “thermal effect” which occurs at the surface of the head, causing increased temperature to a fraction of degree that lead to headaches, nausea and sleeping troubles.

Research reveals that as much as 70% of the microwave radiation they emit is absorbed by the head.

Is it really dangerous?

Although there is no conclusive evidence about the long-term health effects of mobile phones, the World Health Organization classified RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic for humans based on an increased risk for glaucoma, a type of brain cancer”.

Dr Camelia Gabriel, an expert in microwave radiation who sits on Cenelec, the Brussels body responsible for drawing up the new standards, said there was increasing evidence that heavy use was not recommended. “Certainly, for young people, prolonged mobile phone use is inadvisable.”

Dr Narendra Singh and Dr Henry Lai have worked on another potentially alarming study due for publication in the International Journal of Radiation Biology. They found that low-level microwave radiation similar to that emitted by mobile phones can split DNA molecules in the brains of live rats. DNA breakage’s are associated illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. There are also some other symptoms too, such as fatigue and headaches.

In Britain, the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), a government  agency, has sponsored the construction of a £10,000 “phantom head”, made of plastics and polymers mimicking bone, skin and nervous tissue. The head has sensors buried within it capable of detecting microwave radiation when a mobile phone is switched on nearby. Experiments by Gabriel and others showed up to 70% of the emissions were absorbed by the head.

Your head acts as the antenna and the brain tissue as the radio receiver.

The amount of radio frequency energy you are exposed to depends on three things:

  • How long do you use the phone
  • How close you hold the phone to your body
  • How close are you from cell phone towers

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency suggests that it is always important to reduce your exposure to RF radiation as much as possible by taking necessary precautions.

This article discusses mobile phones and children


cell_phoneHow does mobile phone EMF affect my body?

The stability of cells in the body are effected by the microwaves emitted from a mobile phone. The main effects are neurological, and can cause headaches, memory loss and sleeping disorders.

Research has shown volunteers experienced a disturbed sleep pattern for up to 50 minutes after being exposed to the radiation. Even short exposures to EMFs from phones has an effect on brain physiology.

Other studies have reported that carrying a mobile phone in your hip or back pocket (as many men do) could impair sperm count as well as sperm health.

To see the results of a study on how a mobile phone may affect men’s health, click here


It has also been proven the microwaves from cell phones also increase the production of cellulite, and increases the signs of aging.

You can read more about EMF and how it affects us here.

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