FAQS Personal Protection Pendant

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FAQS Personal Protection Pendant

Who benefits from wearing a pendant?

Everybody will have emf protection when they carry or wear the pendant. Consider the enerband as an alternative for kids aged4 and under, which do not post a choking hazard.

When is it best  to wear the pendant?

Ideal to have on you when out and about. A home, provided your Geoclense is plugged in, you don’t need to wear it. However, if you have an organ or meridian issue, the specific colour of your pendant may offer additional support.

What are the pendants made from?

The Orgone Ionic Personal Pendants are made from a specialized energy infused inert resin. This is color fast and does not out-gas or cause skin irritation. The personal protection pendants are supplied with a vegan friendly cotton cord.

Is it best to wear a pendant when I sleep?

Not required  if you have a Geoclense plugged in at home.

Can I wear my pendant in water?

Totally fine, and its durability means it is suitable in the shower, pool or ocean without damaging the pendant.

Do I have to wear the pendant against my skin to be effective?

If the pendant is just for EMF protection, it’s fine to pop it in a pocket, or in your bra. If you have purchased for additional organ support (as well as radiation protection), best to wear it against the skin.

How long do the personal protection Pendants last?

The durable resin The harmonizing ability of the pendant will not decay over time which means they will last forever.

Will the pendant protect me from other peoples’ negative energies?

It may, especially if you’re wearing a pendant of the correct supportive color. For example, a customer who suffered terribly from the effects of other people’s unbalanced energies found that by wearing the green pendant, which supported her liver, she was not affected by these energies from other people.

Will the pendant accumulate any negative energies from other people or from the wearer?


If I’m wearing a personal tracker, will the pendant protect me from its electromagnetic field?

Yes.  Especially if the pendant is worn against the skin.

Will the pendant leach any toxins or out-gassing?


If I chip my pendant will it still work?


Do the pendants need charging like a crystal?



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