Mobile Phone EMF Protection Stickers

Product Description:

Did you know that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) caused from noxious energy beams between your mobile phone and laptops to the towers and modems are having a radical effect on our brain waves and DNA?

Specifically designed to neutralise noxious radiation emissions, the Anti Radiation mobile phone stickers offer you a solution to live safely in our modern environment without necessarily compromising your own health.

Mobile Phones and WI-FI Systems emit harmful energy beams that can subtly penetrate the cells in your head and slowly kill the tissues and the brain organ itself; posing a serious risk on your overall well-being. It is also important to note that mobile phones in your pocket and handbag also release harmful radiation frequencies to your body, penetrating its organ cells and tissues and placing them under great deals of stress.

A solution is at hand – with a simple, wafer thin sticker placed on the back of your mobile device.
The stickers measure 42mm x 19mm. You can see in this video, they are small and unobtrusive to add to the back of your phone.


  • Absorbs 97.17% of harmful electromagnetic radiation waves produced by Mobile
    Phones and Wi Fi systems
  • Lengthens the life space of a rechargeable Li- ION battery, as well as reduce the time it
    takes to charge the battery (the extent depends on make & model of battery)
  • Reduced Hot Head Syndrome associated with lengthy phone calls
  • Decreases resonant effect of radiation on human organs (as verifiable with Kirlian GDV
    medical diagnostic test)
  • Optimal protection from all other sources of EMF/Geopathic stress

Simply attach the wafer style sticker neatly under any protective cover you use for your mobile phone to start providing yourself optimal level of protection from EMF radiation levels.

Adding this small but powerful sticker to your hand held device, you can be confident that you, your friends and your loved ones are protected from harmful energy radiation generated from modern day living with Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

These stickers calibrate at 770, the most effective of all our mobile phone protection stickers, and the only one to offer extended battery life.

Anti-Radiation Mobile phone stickers are designed and manufactured in China.