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Personal energy pendants

6000+ quantum science pendant-

Quantum Science 6000+ ions scalar energy pendant $77

The Quantum Science 6000+ ions Scalar Energy Pendant  produces scalar energy to recharge your body’s energy field with the right energy frequencies. It helps to neutralise free radicals, and increases blood circulation. The personal energy pendant also helps protect you from radiation, and other negative energies around. Start feeling more vibrant and uplifted today.

The energy circulation reaches 12cm deep, thus helping your organs to rejuvenate and function optimally.
they weight 19 grams, and can be worn round the neck, in a pocket or in your underwear.


anti aging pendant-

Scalar energy Far infrared pendant $88

The Quantum Science Scalar Energy Far Infrared pendant has all the benefits of negative ions. This includes reducing inflammation and promotes unclumping of cells for better body oxygen circulation. It also enhances immune and endocrine systems. Start increasing energy and help to protect DNA from EMF & radiation damage.

In addition, personal energy pendants emit safe and effective healing far-infrared rays, to enhance your wellness and provide anti –aging properties. These include increased vitality & energy, agile mind and enhances immunity. Keep harmful geopathic stress and EMF pollution at bay.

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