Pet EMF protection

The pet EMF protection pendant may help to support and balance your pet’s energy field protecting them from radiation exposure, especially when outside, away from the geoclense at home.

Be rest assured the pet EMF protection covers a range of up to 8 meters around your pet’s body, neutralising over 30 noxious energy fields which could deplete your pet’s energies, meridians and vital organs.

It comes in a small circular shape, or a larger bone-shaped pendant, ideal for dogs.

The pet EMF protection pendant is giving your animal the best care.

It balances other sources of positive ions when your animal is  out and about such as:

  • Mobile phone towers, 4G & 5G network signal
  • Wi Fi emissions, Bluetooth & mobile devices
  • Sewer, grey water and drinking water pipes
  • Electrical appliances, wiring and power lines
  • Fluorescent lightings
  • Underground water veins
  • HAARP beams

Earth radiation called geopathic stress is found everywhere, and is produced by

  • Underground water veins
  • Seismic fault lines
  • Earth magnetic grid lines including Hartman, Curry and Benker
  • Radioactive geological matter

Solar radiation (from solar flares and solar winds) also produces harmful beta-gamma radiation. The pet EMF protection pendant will neutralize these harmful effects the animal’s body.

Of course, it will protect your pet within the home as well.


How do they work?

The Orgone pet EMF protection pendant is made with leading-edge man-made technology. The inert resin has been infused with specialized energy to neutralize over 30 types of EMF radiation.

Highly durable, attach it to the pet’s collar, just as you do for an Identification tag.


Pendants are available ina small circular shape or a larger bone shape.