Anti-Radiation stickers


Anti radiation stickers for your mobile phone  protect your immediate space from the potentially harmful effects of invisible pollution by 97.17% SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The stickers also extend the life of your Li-ION battery from 0.5 times to several times its original length of charge, as well as reducing the time it takes to charge your phone.
Reduce hot head syndrome, health risks and protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation and geopathic stress with this powerful phone radiation balancing device.

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Anti-radiation stickers are a must-have for all portable electronic devices. It is even more important if you take them out the house, or do not have a geoclense at home to protect from EMF radiation.

With so much wi-fi radiation every where you go, minimize the effects of your own devices. Simply place a sticker under any protection cover you may have on the device, on the rear of your item.

These stickers are suitable for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable wi-fi hotspots and wi-fi modems.

save extra money when you purchase three or more stickers.