Car EMR Harmonizer


Car EMR Harmonizer- a portable Electromagnetic Radiation neutralizer which eliminates harmful effects of noxious energy from the car’s electrical system, fuel tank and exhaust, as well as other outside harmful energies such as Geopathic stress. Fits into any USB socket in your car. If you don’t have one, contact us for an older model that fits into a cigarette lighter socket.

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The Car EMR harmonizer neutralizes the EMR fields which are only found in motor vehicles. The engine, electrical system, fuel tank and exhaust pipe all give off their own form of toxic energies. These can be harmful and unpleasant for people to be near.

The simple plug in device to your USB port or cigarette holder (we sell both types) generates a healthy negative charge atmosphere. It will also overcome the earth magnetic grid lines we are exposed to whilst driving. You can read more on geopathic stress, the naturally occurring radiation in our FAQ’s section.

the Car EMR Harmonizer runs off the car’s own electrical system and does not require batteries or recharging. Simply plug it in to go.