Water and Food energizer plate


Food and Water Re-Energizer Plates eliminate the residual toxic energies penetrating your foods and liquids. Give your food and water an extra zing with this powerful disk that creates an increased energy to combat EMR penetration while providing enhanced taste and hydration quality.

Two sizes – 100 mm and 160 mm are
available in four colors, green, blue, purple or orange.

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The water and food energizer plate comes in a variety of colours and two sizes. They are designed to improve the frequency, taste and hydration qualities of your food and liquids. This is done by infusing a negative charge to energise your consumables.

Independent water testing was conducted in Switzerland using Dr Emoto’s method. This shows the energetic qualities of distilled water, which is dead water before being placed on the Water and food energizer plate, as shown on the left. On the right you can see how the energizer plate returns the water to its more natural state.

The large plate is 160mm in diameter

The small plate is 100mm in diameter


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