Water and Food energizer plate

Water and Food energizer plate


Food and Water Re-Energiser Plates eliminate the residual toxic energies penetrating your foods and liquids. Give your food and water an extra zing with this powerful disk that creates an increased energy to combat EMR penetration while providing enhanced taste and hydration quality.

Two sizes – 100mm and 160mm are
available in two colours, green or blue.


Your Water and food energizer plate are available in two sizes and multiple colours. They dissolve the residual energy from all liquids, giving better hydration and improved taste to your food. Water in enhances with the energetic qualities of mountain spring water.

How does your food energizer plate work?

Once your item is placed on the plate, the surface tension of the liquid reduces. This increases cell hydration qualities.

Place bottles of water, or wine! on the energizer plate for a few minutes to charge. Works very well for vases of flowers which then last longer. Also, recharge crystals, or extend the effect of essential oils in a burner (from 50cm to up to 6 metres). Leave for one minute to charge before  consuming.

Independent testing in Switzerland (performed by Dr Emoto’s method) showed how the energetic qualities of the water changed after being charged by a food energizer plate.

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