Geoclense EMF protection


The Geoclense Home Harmonizer generates negative ions to neutralise the harmful free radicals (EMF) circulating in your home. Create a safe energy space within your environment with the plug-in solution to help reduce the effects of geopathic stress and technological pollution. FREE SHIPPING

Plug types are available for Australia, NZ, US, Canada, UK, China, Europe Geoclense

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The Geoclense EMF protection generates negative ions to neutralize the harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) circulating your home, including 5G.

Create a safe energy space within your environment. Here’s your plug-in solution to geopathic stress and technological pollution. Without using any power, clean your electrical circuits, appliances and personal space.

Introducing Geoclense, a leading Solid State Negative Ion Generator for EMF protection. It is an engineered smart crystal designed and created (patent pending) here in Australia. Made from a resin programmed to neutralize up to 30 types of EMR we are exposed to each and every day, all over the world.

It helps neutralize unhealthy frequencies produced by Wi-Fi emissions, radio and TV transmissions and all other EMR-producing electrical appliances.  An all-in-one solution to creating a healthy environment in the comforts of your own home, office or even while travelling.

How big an area does it cover?

Covering an area of 200 m² from where you plug it in, it is suitable even for the largest of homes. The Geoclense will even negate the Wi-Fi fields from your neighbour’s equipment and smart TVs. Also, it harmonizes the electrical circuit system and everything plugged into the sockets, as well as your Smart Meter. It will also clear the effects of 4G and 5G in the atmosphere around your home.

If you have mould in your home, you will prefer to get the Stellar Dome EMR protection.

Balancing the source of positive ions deep from the earth below helps remove the naturally occurring geopathic stress found beneath nearly every home. This includes grid lines, black water, sewer pipes and underground water veins.

There is sufficient evidence to show the correlation of Covid-19 and where 5G has been rolled out. Wuhan was the first city in China to install it. The virus has serious implications for those who have high levels of toxicity within their bodies. These are the ONLY people who have consequences or death, and not those who maintain a solid immunity.

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