Scalar energy Far infrared pendant


The Quantum Science Scalar Energy Far Infrared Pendant has all the benefits of negative ions to reduce inflammation, promotes unclumping of cells for better body oxygen circulation, enhances immune and endocrine systems. It will also help increase energy and help to protect DNA from EMF & radiation damage.

In addition, the pendant emits safe and effective healing far-infrared rays, to enhance your wellness and provide anti –aging properties, such as increased vitality & energy, agile mind and enhances immunity.

Scalar energy is only just being recognised for its healing abilities and potential, even though it was discovered 160 years ago in 1850’s.  Find out more about scalar energy here.

Scalar energy is emitted from negative ions – the higher the number, the deeper the healing potential can penetrate your body.  Our 6000+ ions scalar energy pendants effect up to 12 cm deep, enough to reach our organs by placing the pendant locally.

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