Stellar Dome

The Stellar Dome has the same benefits as the Geoclense, and its design has been upgraded for effectiveness over a larger house and is preferred if you have vaulted ceilings or attic living space.

It will neutralize the dirty electricity, EMF and geopathic stress within your environment. The noxious energy can be completely harmonized with the dome in the room.

Maximize your oxygen levels, immune system and cell growth by cleaning and clearing your air. Simply use a Stellar Dome or Geoclense in your home or office.

Remove the stresses on your nervous system caused by positive ions. Start creating healthier and happier environments at home and work.

Which is best – Geoclense or Stellar Dome?

The choice between the two gadgets is based upon the area you wish to clean.

The Geoclense also cleanses the electrical circuits and remains plugged in to a socket to do so.

The Stellar Dome is preferred for vaulted ceiling properties or living spaces in attic rooms, or the presence of mould.

Being totally portable, it doubles as a travel neutralizer as well. Simply use in your carry on luggage to help alleviate the affects of aircraft cabin circuitry, and be able to use it in the room when you arrive.

We are not aware of any other product that has the ability to negate all types of 5G radiation, EMF, EMR and geopathic stress in a space where either the Stellar Dome or Geoclense is installed.

The Stellra Dome was previously called the Space Clearing  Dome or Schumann Dome, as reference to the Schumann wave frequency of 7.83Hz. The change of name came as the domes have been reprogrammed to a more finite frequency enabling harmonization of more EMR fields.

The Stellar Doem is 70mm in diameter, 27mm high and weighs 100 grams.