testing EMF protection devices

Testing EMF Protection Devices

There have been a lot of questions lately about whether or not Geoclense can provide complete EMF protection against 5G. Others have wondered how does Geoclense work in order to achieve that feat. Some ask that if they turn their Wi-Fi off during the night, will Geoclense protect them against the Wi-Fi? If you have also been wondering, this Geoclense review will help eradicate most of your questions! It’s time to look at testing emf protection devices properly.

Dangers Of 5G Radiation and EMF Testing

The answer to whether or not Geoclense can protect you from the 5G radiation is YES, it can! 100%! Truth be told, the very first version of Geoclense launched in 2004 was sufficient to protect individuals against the menace of 5G and Wi-Fi.

This Geoclense review will answer most of the questions about exactly how this product works!

Geoclense Home Harmonizer Review

It is no secret that Radiation Harmonizers help in neutralizing the positive charge, a harmful component present in the noxious EMF field. It comprises of Bioplasmic Radiation fields that are human generated as well as Earth Radiation fields.

In this regard, the Geoclense® can be regarded as the perfect radiation harmonizer that helps in neutralizing all the charged fields from EMF. It does that by dominating the wiring of copper with a negative charging frequency. This neutralizes the positive charge – the harmful element of all noxious EMF.

After this happens, the field becomes harmonized with the human energy field, and prevents organ as well as meridian stress. it also addresses neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances. It is also pertinent to mention here that the resin block producing the charging frequency is nothing but a man-made crystal. This crystal undergoes a programming and energizing process unique to Orgone Effects®.

How Can Such A Device Be Tested?

When people think about measuring the impact of EMF or anything to do with it, most think directly about the RF meter or the Gauss meter. That said, it is not possible to obtain any change in the reading with the use of an EMF meter while analyzing the impact of an EMF harmonizer of any kind. They are simply the wrong instrument when it comes to testing emf protection devices, including the Geoclense®.

It can be noted that EMF meters help by reading the wave strength. However, they do not indicate the real charged field accurately. EMF meters help in testing the decrease in wave strength, and this is exactly what EMF fielding shows.

In the light of all this information, you might think that a Harmonizer does not, in fact, do anything. But that is not true. That said, the effect of EMF harmonizing can be demonstrated easily in other ways using modalities like a Kinesiology audit. This indicates the impact on meridian strength across many types of meridians, and not just a strength test. In this case, the procedure would be something like the following:

This would first require to place a person within a charged field. For instance, an audit of meridians and an EMF field is performed when the person is near a smart meter. This will show which organs and meridians are impacted by the EMF.

Thereafter, the Geoclense is put to work by plugging it into a power point. This helps in neutralizing the positive charged EMF generated by the smart meter. Then, the same meridian audit is carried out.  It will now show the initial and original organs, as well as meridians, did not respond in a stressful manner when it was plugged in, and the person was protected. In the same vein, a Bioresonance machine like Mora or Bicom also indicates the radically reduced stress levels on the body.

Radiation assessment tools

Furthermore, other types of scientific tools can be used to assess and determine the effectiveness of harmonizers like the Biotensor that was developed by Dr. Joseph Oberbach. The trademark class description of Biotensor is “Medical Instrument Products.” Moreover, its trademark description says, “A medical apparatus and instrument being for the detection of harmful radiation.”

The Biotensor is described by Bioplasma GmbH (his company) as a polarized test device which is capable of displaying energetic states of magnetic, atomic and electrical structures in nature. Therefore, Biotensor is a rather excellent tool that can be used in any Building Biology Consultancy work.

In addition to that, another scientific instrument used for determining the effectiveness and functionality of harmonizers was developed by Ernst Lecher, an Austrian physicist. The instrument is known as Lecher Antenna.

Using this instrument, it has been tested and proven that very high rates of Hz frequency are achieved when a Geoclense is plugged in, even higher than 17,6 Hz found in churches. The higher the frequency, the cleaner, healthy, high vibration energy free of EMF, EMR, and geopathic stress is found. That’s why the Geoclense is the solution for a clean, healthy environment.

Why the skeptics say what they do                     

It’s commonly known that in the event that any of the instruments or modalities mentioned above for testing emp protection devices, scalar products or shielding material for radiation protection, they fail these tests.

That’s why through kinesiology and the biotensor, Biocom or Lecher Antenna are the only accurate ways to measure the effectiveness of all Orgone Effects harmonizers. This is how Pseudoskeptics producing fraudulent EMF harmonizer reviews and turning to made-up and fabricated pseudoscientific tests shows they do not really know how to test a harmonizer.

Also, tests such as putting a harmonizer and a compass together or using an RF or a Photon meter are not the right ways to test a harmonizer. This kind of fraudulent work is deliberately carried out to mislead the public.

So, What’s Next?

For now, most people are curious about the up and coming 5G broadband modems that will soon be installed in our offices and houses in the coming future. Just by reading the image energies of 5G broadband modems, we can see this could lead to a pretty massive Wi-Fi radiation issue worldwide. 5G, in no uncertain terms, is considered as “Wi-Fi on steroids.”

A good idea will be to carry out more research about the resonant cavity effect in buildings that will be caused by 5G. It is a known fact that having 4G antennas on your rooftop increases radiation throughout the entire building. That said, 4G antennas are usually put significantly farther apart as compared to 5G antennas. So, the proof will be in the pudding, as always!

In the meantime, you can be rest assured that you and your loved ones remain in clean energy space wherever the Geoclense is plugged in. Make sure you have one at home, the office and a car harmonizer and aircraft harmonizer when travelling. For kids, putting harmonisers on their inner soles or wearing an ener-band will protect them whilst at school. Ideally, you would have a Geoclense at school to protect all the kids and staff.