“Our mission is to create a crystal-clear living and workspace that supports your health and emotional well-being, so you can get on with your life in a happier, healthier and more vibrant environment.”

GERARD BINI – (Creator of Orgonium Technology (patent pending) – used on all harmonizers sold by Protect Your Energy)

I am a Naturopath in the United States. I have used the Orgone Effects Geoclense technology for over 4 years. I have been very impressed and pleased with the beneficial effect it has had on my clientele.

The energy change in the environment when the Geoclense technology is applied is nothing short of amazing.

Paula H. Bordelon


The Geoclense has completely changed my home and work environments!  The Geoclense has promoted and maintained a better quality of sleep, it has reduced the stress within my home and workplace, leaving the energetic feeling of my spaces lighter.

I couldn’t imagine my home and work environments without the Geoclense!!

Regina Bonassi

Kinesiologist, Bathurst, Victoria

The Geoclense deals with EMF and subtle energy, not measured by typical devices that electricians and electrical engineers use.

I have tested the effect of the Geoclense on the acupuncture meridian energy of many of my clients. As soon as I place the Geoclense in the test circuit, their meridian energy balances and normalises. That’s how I know it works — by its effect on the body. After all, the whole reason for using an energy harmoniser is to make the body healthier. Balanced meridians is a sign of health.

I have done the same test using other devices but never found any effect. That’s another reason why I recommend the Geoclense.

Marguerite Lane

Bioresonance Practitioner, Sydney

I first bought a Geoclense 8 years ago, and it has been such a life changer for me.  I’m extremely electro hypersensitive, and the Geoclense has made the difference for me in a house being livable or not. I’ve moved house a few times during that 8 years, and each time I’ve noticed the difference within minutes of the Geoclense being plugged in.

I’ve done tests with the meters which supposedly measure electromagnetic output of appliances and electrical systems, and I can tell you, my body is a more efficient sensory system than they are.  My body knows when there is a disturbance in the electromagnetic fields in a building, and it knows the difference the Geoclense makes.

As a former teacher, I’ve tried out the Geoclense in classrooms and noted that after it was plugged in, the children were calmer and worked more harmoniously together. They didn’t know it was there, which negates the idea of a placebo effect.

I now have a second Geoclense, my spare, which I take with me when I’m going to somewhere with Wi-Fi and lots of people with mobile phones, such as a cafe or library, or where I must spend time in a building which affects me negatively.  This means I can tolerate the space, even function in it without my head hurting, eyes closing, mouth buzzing, and brain fatigue.

As I said, the Geoclense has been a life changer for me.  I dread to think where I’d be now if I hadn’t found it.

Thank you, with heartfelt gratitude.

Kaytie Wood

BA Psych, Dip T. Prim, Chiron Healing Practitioner, Integrated Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, NLP & Timeline Therapies, Cert IV Massage, Cert IV Training & Assessment

I am a Kinesiologist and Intuitive Energy Healer located in Perth. I am a sensitive and feel and perceive all energy forms. This has had a huge impact on my life and general wellbeing and lifestyle.

I use your products and found they have immediate and amazing results. My three children are also sensitives and your products have proved really important to their moods and health.

A lot of my clients come to me with EMF symptoms, and I would like to recommend your products. It is easy for me to tell them how it is helping their energy flow, as I can perceive this as they hold the product.

Tabitha Brimson

Kinesiologist, Zephyr Healing