Mobile Phone Protection

Mobile phone radiation and wi-fi protection is a MUST for our digital age. Help protect from the harmful effects of energies transmitted from your devices. Keep yourself safe at home and on the go with mobile phone radiation protection.

You can easily test the effects of mobile phone radiation through simple kinesiology. Using 2 people, one person muscle tests the strength of the other person’s one arm outstretched to the side. Check they have a strong arm. now get the other person to hold their mobile phone in there other hand, and test again. The arm will go weak. This indicates the effect of having a mobile phone in a person’s energy field. Now hold a mobile phone radiation protection sticker on the phone, and test again. the arm will remain so much stronger.

To utilize the stickers, simply remove the back cover (if easy to do so) and stick. Or simply remove any protective cover you have on your phone, pop the sticker in, and it’s sorted!