FAQ’s Scalar Energy

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy was first discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the mid 1850’s, and proven by Nikola Tesla in 1856. It is also acknowledged by Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstein. It is a static energy that has no frequencies and cannot be measured in hertz like electromagnetic waves. It is a very special and unique type of energy and only now are we being to understand its importance and healing potential.

How can Scalar energy help me?

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, found that scalar energy separates and activates living cells. Scalar energy also increases cellular energy for trillions of cells and overall body energy levels, as well as neutralizing the harmful effects of man-made frequencies. Together, this helps to balance and strengthen the body’s bio-energy.

How does Scalar Energy affect blood flow?

thermal imaging photos for enhanced blood flow with scalar energy pendant The thermal imaging photos show the effects of scalar energy pendants on enhanced blood flow. Whilst wearing the pendant, blood cells un-clump, and oxygen can then be more effectively delivered to the body, thus increasing energy and health.


Why do your pendants have higher negative ions?

Nature provides us with 2500 negative ions by going to waterfalls of caves. 2500 ions can emit scalar energy that penetrates up to 5 cm into our bodies. With our 6000+ ions pendants, the scalar energy can soak in to 12 cm, enough for our body organs to benefit from the healing powers of the pendant when placed locally. Higher negative ions means quicker energizing.

Many pendants that look similar only have a negative ion charge of 2000 – 3000 ions, and this fact must be considered when choosing to purchase a pendant. Children benefit from pendants of under 2000 ions as they do not need the stronger field of protection, as their bodies are smaller.

Many World class athletes and peak performers use Scalar Energy to increase their energy and potential naturally, taking advantage of the increased oxygen distribution in their body

Anthony Robbins, author of ‘Awaken the Giant Within’Anthony Robbins, author of ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ and other books. Regarded as America’s top personal coach and trainer for personal development “As a speaker, I’m often onstage for 12 hours or more a day. Three-and-a-half years ago, Dr. Herb Ross found that the electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by my wireless headset were creating a physical weakness in my body. When I began utilizing the energy pendant, I noticed an immediate recovery in my muscle strength and a counteracting of the negative effects from the headset’s low frequency waves. I have certainly benefited from the energy pendant.

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