Personal orgone ionic pendant

This protective energy may help to support and balance your own energy field and meridians, when you are away from home where you have your Geoclense plugged in.

When you wear the personal protection pendant, either around your neck or in your underwear, you are likely to feel more energetic throughout your day as energy bodies are supported and strengthened. It also provides a boost for your organs and meridian systems as cortisol levels (produced by stress from EMF) start to drop.

If you are highly sensitive to fluctuations in energy around you, and chemical sensitivity, the personal protection pendant will be a huge boost for your wellbeing.

It balances other sources of positive ions when you are out and about such as:

  • Mobile phone towers, 4G & 5G network signal
  • Wi Fi emissions, Bluetooth & mobile devices
  • Sewer, grey water and drinking water pipes
  • Electrical appliances, wiring and power lines
  • Fluorescent lightings
  • Underground water veins
  • HAARP beams

Earth radiation called geopathic stress is found everywhere, and is produced by

  • Underground water veins
  • Seismic fault lines
  • Earth magnetic grid lines including Hartman, Curry and Benker
  • Radioactive geological matter

Solar radiation (from solar flares and solar winds) also produces harmful beta-gamma radiation. The personal protection pendant will neutralize these harmful effects on your body.

Of course, it will protect you within the home as well.

You may like to consider purchasing the pendant in the colour of your organs where you have any disorders. For example:

Thyroid / thymus issues – blue protection pendant

Heart issues – pink protection pendant

Small and large intestine issues – orange protection pendant

Liver issues – green protection pendant

No particular issues – white protection pendant

(Please allow up to an additional 72 hours for postage for a particular colour if we do not have them in stock)

How do they work?

The Orgone ionic personal protection pendant is made with leading-edge man-made technology. The inert resin has been infused with specialized energy to neutralize over 30 types of EMF radiation.
All are colourfast and non-skin irritating. They come with a vegan-friendly cotton cord.

Highly durable, can be worn in the shower or swimming with no damage. If you prefer not to wear something around your neck, you may consider the enerband as an effective alternate solution.

We do not recommend pendants for children under 4 as they may pose a choking hazard. Again, the kids enerband will provide adequate emf protection worn on their wrist.

Pendants are available in gold, purple or (seasonally) white.