Watch and personal Tracker Harmonizer


The Watch and personal Tracker Harmonizer helps provide EMF protection for your smaller devices. Offering the  same neutralization of EMR emitted as the mobile phone Harmonizer just on a smaller sticker.

This harmonizer is the ideal size for small electronic devices such as Bluetooth earpieces, smart watches, activity trackers and wrist watches. Wearing an electronic device next to the skin could affect your meridian and nervous system. This in turn, can cause extra stress on other organs in your body, with energetic imbalances.

Using Kinesiology -muscle testing – it has been shown that immune and thyroid meridian points can be affected through wearing an electronic device. This small and discrete watch and personal tracker harmonizer will help eliminate this extra stress.

How the watch and personal tracker harmonizer works

All harmonizers are infused with a negative charge resonance, as they are made. This neutralizes the harmful positive ions emitted in any areas or sources of EMF radiation. The permanent negative charge resonance helps to overcome this toxicity from our modern day devices.

The watch and personal tracker harmonizer can be attached to the back of your device, firmly sticking so it will not peel or rub off. This harmonizer is ideal for any device with a small surface space.

The sticker calibrates at 550, and is designed and made in Australia (Patent pending technology).

To read more on the effects of radiation from mobile phones and devices, check out our FAQ’s.