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This page is dedicated to answering your FAQ’s re flying – how can you protect yourself from aircraft radiation?
simple – an aircraft harmonizer or Space Clearing Dome is just the job for portable neutralization of airborne radiation, as well as having a device for when you arrive at your destination.

Is there EMF exposure when flying?

People travelling by air are subject to very high levels of EMF from within the aircraft, and no more so than the aircrew  working on planes, especially pilots surrounded by electrical equipment.

“Because of their occupations, airline pilots and flight attendants routinely are exposed to higher levels of radiation than many other workers. Airline crew members and frequent flyers receive annual doses on the order of between 500 and 600 millirem.” -Council on Radioactive Waste Management.

How much EMF do I experience when flying?

Four principal factors affect the increased radiation dose received regular travelers and aircraft staff: altitude, latitude, hours aloft, and solar activity.

Altitude. The higher we go, the greater the dose

On average, the amount of cosmic radiation roughly doubles with every 6570 ft (2000 meters) increase in altitude. At a typical long-haul airline cruising altitude of 39,000 feet (11887 m) , cosmic radiation is around 60 times greater than at sea level. For an intercontinental jumbo jet flying at 51,000 feet (15545 m) , the dose is nearly 200 times greater than at sea level.

Latitude. The closer we get to the Poles, the greater the dose

The Earth’s magnetic field causes the majority of cosmic radiation to be concentrated near the north and south magnetic poles. (That’s why we only see radiation-induced atmospheric light shows at very high latitudes.) The exposure rate at 70 degrees north or south latitude is about four times as much as at 25 degrees. Thus, flights over polar routes (e.g., New York to Tokyo or Chicago to London) are exposed to a lot more radiation than those confined to the mid-latitudes.

Duration. The longer we are in the air, the greater the dose

The average person doesn’t spend enough time aloft for this increased radiation to present a significant risk, but aircrews do. According to FAA estimates, an airline crew member flying 1,000 block-hours annually between Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles at FL350 would receive 5 mSv per year. Change the route to New York to Athens and the altitude to FL410 and the exposure increases to nearly 10 mSv per year. Although aircrews are at greatest risk from radiation aloft, there are also 400,000 frequent flyers who travel 75,000 miles or more annually, which equates to 200 airborne hours a year. That is a huge amount of aircraft radiation exposure to be aware of.

Solar activity. Solar flares can increase the cosmic radiation level by a factor of 10 or 20 for periods lasting from a couple of hours to a day or two. A one-way 13-hour flight from New York to Tokyo generally involves an exposure of about 0.1 mSv (the dose equivalent of a few chest x-rays), but during a solar storm that exposure could increase to 1.0 mSv or more.

Is there increased risk of cancer for aircrew?

A study of female airline flight attendants in Finland and Denmark showed an increased incidence of breast cancer.  Researchers have suggested this due to the crew members’ simultaneous exposure to both magnetic fields and cosmic radiation.

It is thought that magnetic fields suppress the function of a gland called the pineal body, which produces the hormone melatonin. That reduced melatonin increases the risk of developing certain cancers, particularly breast cancer. Aircraft radiation has a lot to answer for.

Another study showed that infection-fighting white blood cells develop more chromosomal aberrations when exposed to both radiation and magnetic fields than under radiation alone.

More research and results can be viewed here


What can I do to help prevent the effects of EMF and aircraft radiation when flying?

Travelling with an Aircraft Harmonizer neutralizes all harmful EMF, geopathic stress and radiation for you and your passengers  whilst travelling by air. Simply carry in your handbag or hand luggage to eliminate the effects of invisible EMR.

Many people report arriving feeling refreshed, with less effects of jet lag and motion sickness when travelling.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further FAQ’s Re Flying or Aircraft Radiation.

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