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Protect Your Energy only sells authentic products for the health and wellness of our clients. Each one has been calibrated by a Bioresonance Master, Keryn Armfield, to ensure the Integrity of each product.

There are three main groups of product brands within our site:

Orgon Effects Australia (OEA) products calibrate at:

Mobile phone Harmoniser700
Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser610
Schumann Dome600
Car EMR Harmonisers700
Food re-energiser Plates800
Orgon pendant780
Scalar energy far infrared pendant850


 here A GDV Kirilian Aura Camera has tested the effectiveness of the products, and has found the quality of Negative Ion (Ionic) resonance is higher than any other Orgonite technology worldwide.They differ to standard Orgonite products as they do not accumulate or produce hazardous positive ion energies, which most other Orgonite products do.The range of products have been field tested and approved worldwide by GP’s, naturopaths and Kinesiologists.

Legal Disclaimer
Radioactivity is present everywhere (and has been since the formation of the earth). According to the IAEA, 1 KG of soil typically contains the following amounts of the four natural radioisotopes: Radium-226. 25 Bq/kilogram (typical range 10-50 Bq/kg) Uranium-238. 25 Bq/kilogram (typical range 10-50 Bq/kg) Potassium-40. 370 Bq/kilogram (typical range 100-700 Bq/kg) Thorium-232. 25 Bq/kilogram (typical range 7-50 Bq/kg). These values are average values and some soils may vary greatly from these norms.

References: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_radioactivity Idaho State University: http://www.physics.isu.edu/radinf/natural.htm (under heading “Natural Radioactivity in Soil”). So in other words these pendants are safe to use.

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