FAQ’s on How do Protect Your energy tools work?

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How do Protect Your Energy tools work?

All products are Australian designed and made and include a range of over 20 effective EMF harmonizing tools and devices, for personal and home protection.

Each product uses the exclusive Orgonium® resonance technology (patent pending). This leading edge technology produces a negative charge resonance to neutralise and balance more than 30 types of man made and naturally occuring forms of radiation.

When the negative charge resonance closely matches that found in nature, it can successfully balance the positive charge resonance – the harmful element of any electromagnetic field.

What EMF do the tools protect from?

Due to extensive research by the Australian based design and manufacturing team, they have in depth knowledge of all well known causes of  EMF, as well as those not often talked about. This knowledge extends to more than 30 types of harmful radiation.

For example, the Geoclense will neutralise the Bioplasmic Imprints from humans within an environment, as well as earth radiation called Geopathic Stress and the effects of solar radiation.

All products neutralise the harmful EMF around us from sources such as:
4G & 5G tower emissions
Wi-fi and digital TV’s
smart meters
microwave ovens & household appliances
flouro lighting
all electrical appliances
mobile phones, towers and laptops
electrical power lines and stations
Air conditioning units
smart watches and bluetooth devices
earth magnetic grid lines
mould & fungus resonance
emotional, death and illness imprints
radioactive geological matter (uranium & coal)

Product Testing & independent testing

The effectiveness of the products cannot be gained from standard radiation meter readings, as these simply cannot identify if the charge is positive or negative. It is this resonance that is crucially important. When harmonised back to negative ion state, it is the same frequency as found near the ocean, waterfalls etc, in nature

Building Biology Scientific Instruments such as the Biotensor, Lecher Antenna, GDV Kirlian Photography, Kinesiology and bioresonance equipment such as Biocomm all show the effects of radiation on the body, and how it is neutralised when our tools are used.

The full range of products has been highly accredited by health professionals worldwide. Many chiropractors, bioresonance practioners, naturopaths and kinesiologists, use, endorse and sell these products to support the wellbeing of their clients.

How long will they last?

All our products are effective for the lifetime of the product, it does not “wear out”. Negative charge does not decay. They continue to neutralize the electromagnetic stress on the body for as long as you use them.

When we reduce environmental stress levels on the body, we have a much better opportunity for a sense of wellbeing, calmness and in natural resonance. 95% of cancer patients live in a geopathic stress area. Why would you not want to neutralise this harmful effect on your body??

If you have any more questions on how do protect your energy products work, do not hesitate to contact us 

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