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Here is a list of the Geoclense Home Harmonizer FAQ – the questions most frequently asked about the product.

Where is the best place to plug my Geoclense Home Harmonizer in?

Plug your Geoclense Home Harmonizer into any power point socket or electrical socket that is connected to the main electricity grid. We generally suggest that you plug your Geoclense  into a power point socket that is not used often such as behind furniture or somewhere inaccessible so that it does not get easily unplugged by someone who is not aware how it works.


How does the Geoclense actually work?

The Geoclense has been designed to balance positive charge resonance, otherwise known as noxious energy, such as EMF, WiFi, and geopathic stress that occurs naturally on Earth. It has been designed as a negative charge resonance field generator.

Whilst the Geolcense is being constructed, the resin block component is infused with a negative ion like vibrational resonance. When plugged in, this frequency is naturally transferred throughout the electrical circuits and wiring within a building, up to 200m radius. Any potentially harmful radiation from EMF, Wi-Fi or other radiation sources is transmuted to a negative ion resonance, through either the wiring or radionic porgramming.

Will my Geoclense Home Harmonizer still work even when the electricity is out?

Yes. Geoclense Home Harmonizer only needs to be connected to your electrical wiring to connect to the “Earth Stake” of your home or office in order for it to work. This basically means that even when electrical power is out for whatever reason, it will still clear the space.

How long does it take Geoclense Harmonizer to work?

It immediately harmonizes geopathic stress issues. However, it takes at least 2- 4 days for your home or office to be completely free from positive ions afloat the atmosphere. It actually does take time to replace positive ions with healthy levels of negative ions.

How do I know if my Geoclense is working?

Without the Geoclense plugged in, put your palm on an electrical appliance such as a fridge. You are likely to feel an uncomfortable sensation within the body, which is the ‘dirty’ electricity being emitted. you may find you can still sense this as you move away from the fridge.

Next, turn the Geoclense on and repeat the exercise.  this time, you are likely to feel a calming sensation even with your hand on the fridge. If you are energy sensitive, you will no longer feel your normal discomfort when near televisions and within Wi-Fi radius.

For a more scientific test, are able to have your cortisol levels measured by a resonance practioner or similar.  Cortisol shows the stress levels your body is under. One client, who had not left his house for 2 years and was bed ridden, used the Geoclense and grounding sheet. Within 3 weeks, his cortisol levels dropped from 20,000 to 3,000 and he was able to leave the house. (results may vary). 95% of cancer patients live in Geopathic stress areas, and this by removing this extra toxicity from your environment, your cortisol levels are far more likely to drop, and provide better opportunities for your healing.

Is it okay to plug Geoclense Home Harmonizer 24/7?

Yes. Geoclense Home Harmonizer does not consume power at all. It simply touches the electrical wiring to connect to the “Earth Stake” to produce life force energy needed to protect your space.

Does Geoclense Harmonizer improve sleep?

Results may vary from individual experience. Geoclense Home Harmonizer is designed to neutralise the positive ions engulfing your home and office spaces that deplete the oxygen levels in the atmosphere that makes you feel nauseated and breathe harder. By installing Geoclense Harmoniser, nearly all of our customers report that they are able to experience better sleep and are more relaxed.

Can the Geoclense  handle nuclear radiation?

No. It is not designed to handle nuclear radiation.

Can the Geoclense Harmonizer be used in conjunction with a grounding sheet?

Yes –and is highly recommended to ensure your connection though your grounding sheet  is clean from the effects of EMF, EMR and geopathic stress. Grounding sheets allow for the direct connection to earth energy and negative ion supply, whereas the Geoclense neutralizes the positive ions within your circuits as well as protecting the space around you for  a radius of up to 200 m.

What sources of radiation can the Geoclense home harmonizer protect against?

  • Geopathic stress – naturally occurring earth radiation from grid lines, underground water, scalar ground wave energy, seismic fault lines
  • Drinking water and pipes
  • fluorescent lighting
  • microwave beams, and radiation from non/mobile devices such as phones, routers and other household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and hairdryers
  • radio frequency fields from mobile phone towers
  • all sources of artificial heat and cooling found in buildings
  • resonance fields caused by the presence of mould



If there is anything else that has not been answered in the Geoclense Home Harmonizer FAQ page, please do not hesitate to contact us

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