FAQ’s on Children and EMFs

radiation protection for children

Why are children more sensitive to EMF’s?

Kids are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF & geopathic stress due to their developing nervous systems and thin skulls. More and more children are showing signs of symptoms due to exposure to EMF’s. Fortunately, there are devices that offer radiation protection for children.

Some studies have shown children exposed to magnetic fields of between 2-3 mG or above experienced a significantly increased risk of developing cancer. This level of electrical current can routinely be found and measured in building within 15-45 meters of wires carrying strong electrical current. Studies have shown children who live near big power lines for over 25 years have twice the risk of leukemia.

When using protection against EMFs and geopathic stress within your home (using a Geoclense or Harmonizer dome) their nervous systems will naturally heal and regenerate at night, thus helping to protect against some of the effects of EMF.

What effect does EMF have on my child?

Researchers are starting to investigate the correlation between the dramatic increase in ADHD in children and electromagnetic stress in our home & school environments.

ADHD symptoms are very similar to EMF symptoms:

  • Lower concentration
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Increased anxiety
  • More sleep disturbances
Research carried out by Dulwich Health Society in the UK on over 25,000 people,

showed 95% of children who are hyperactive live in a geopathic stress zone,
and thus subject to EMF

Autism is another disorder that has radically increased at the same time as a surge in EMF exposure. This article suggests to minimize exposure to EMFs at home and in your environment to lower the risks of autism in your family


Asthma. A Californian study followed 626 children for 13 years. It found that magnetic fields greater than 0.3 mG (average) during pregnancy increased the child’s risk of getting asthma by age 13. A clear dose-response was found. For every 1mG increase in EMF there was a 15% increased rate of asthma in the children.

This means, for example, that children of mothers whose average exposure was 2mG during pregnancy were 3.5 times as likely to suffer from asthma during childhood.

What can I do to minimize my child’s exposure to EMF?

It is the parents’ responsibility to minimize exposure to EMF and offer radiation protection for children. Simply use tools such as the Geoclense at home, and the Space Clearing Dome or Aircraft Harmonizer in their school bag to protect when out and about. A personal pendant can also offer protection; children only need 1-2000 ions pendants (contact us if you would like to acquire a child’s scalar energy pendant)

In addition, a grounding sheet will plug them back into natural clean earth energy, that they have limited exposure to, unless running around in bare feet outside for at least 20 minutes a day.

A standard size sheet across the width of your child’s bed may help with the following:

  • Being grounded – charge with beneficial negative ions whilst sleeping
  • Experiencing deeper and longer sleep with far less wake ups in the night
  • Calmer temperaments during the day
  • Better focused and more concentration