Food and Water Energizer Disk

Designed to infuse life force energy into your food and water, Food and Water Energizer Disk amplifies food taste and water quality to ensure a better, safer and healthier consumption. This Energizer precisely charges your food and water with Orgone energy, an energy needed to create a life force energy that will dissolve residual toxic energies from foods and liquids caused by a wide array of factors such as:

  • long-term storage
  • cooking methods or frequent reheating with microwave ovens
  • food contamination with EMR from the refrigerator motor

After years of rigorous research, it has been found that the energizing qualities of Food and Water Energizer decreases the surface tension of liquids placed on the disk, enabling optimal water absorption in the body which leads to improved cell hydration. More so, it allows vital nutrients to be delivered to your cells to boost cell growth and repair at a deeper level.

Benefits of the Food And Water Energiser Plate:

  • Enhances food taste and flavor for a more pleasurable dining experience.
  • Softens and removes harmful minerals from drinking water
  • Eliminates possible EMR-polluted particles in food and water, making it to taste slightly sweeter for an energised feeling in your stomach
  • Improves taste of other liquids such as juices and wines.

Other benefits:

  • Produces rejuvenating energy that can cleanse or clear crystals and restore its peak energetic condition
  • Amplifies the aromatic resonance of essential oils in a burner for up to meters

Simply place the Energiser disk under the food and liquid container. Leave for a few minutes and allow to charge. The disk can also be used for foods before consumption or for foods to be stored in the refrigerator.