Alkaline Water Bottle

The Nano Alkaline Water Bottle is an easy solution to increasing alkalinity. Through testing, it has been shown water increases its Ph to 8.5, an optimal level to help with your wellbeing.

Most Australian tap water, or even filtered water, comes in at 7.5Ph. When you drink alkaline water, it will help neutralise the effects of acidic foods so commonplace today.

The filter system energizes your water with small molecular clusters structure. More oxygen is freely available to your body for absorption. The purified water assists with better metabolism and waste of toxins.

This complete alkaline water bottle system  comes with a handy carry ring at the top of the water flask. You also receive a pouch with strap to take your flask with you on the go.

Perhaps the most important factor of all – the water TASTES better.
You feel more hydrated and full from quality, energised, oxidised water.

Nano Alkaline Water Bottle Ph levels
Nano Alkaline Water Bottle Ph levels1

How does the Alkaline Water bottle work?

Water goes through two filtering systems within the glass bottle. The high grade mineral composition radiates negative ions in the water. This helps neutralize the  potentially harmful effects of positive ions. It takes advantage of the naturally occurring electrical charge found in magnesium and calcium ions.

Simply fill your water bottle slowly from the top, so it goes through the first filter. Once the bottle is full, you may wish to invert a couple of times to activate the second filter. The water is alkalised immediately. However, you may wish to wait 3-5 minutes or so for a more effective level of filtering and activation.

Your normal water will be adjusted to be negative potential water with an ORP below -180mV. The strong anti-oxidant water helps to remove free radicals, enhance your immunity and slows down the aging process.

The filter in the bottom of the flask contains:
water soluble calcium carbonate, special tourmaline ceramics, coral fossilization, black stone, and desalination ceramics.  These add beneficial microelements to the water.

Where can I use the Alkaline Water bottle?

It is a portable water bottle, complete with carry case and strap. it weighs 420g, and can take about 350ml of water. You may prefer to decant your energised water into a lighter bottle for your travels, and refill ready for you upon your return.

You may wish to slowly introduce drinking alkalised water into your daily intake, to minimise any detox effects. Just be aware of how you feel during the first few days, and drink more energized water as your system adjusts.  It is not recommended to have this as 100% of your water intake to maintain your acidity levels in your system.

The easiest way to ensure an optimal balance of ph level in your body along with your digestion, is to use regular filtered water 30 minutes before and up to 2 hours after meals. This allows your body’s natural acids to break down your food.

Testing the water1

Testing the water

Here, a drop of ph reagent has been applied to each glass of water. The one on the left is Puratap water, and shows a ph of 7.5 with a pale green colour. The glass on the right is water from the Alkaline water bottle, and shows a ph of 8.5.

Some aluminium water bottles result in ph of 9.5 or higher – you do need to monitor how much you consume at this level. It can interfere with your body’s digestion system. It could cause an imbalance in natural acid levels found in the stomach.

For a more accurate reading of the Nano Alkaline Water Bottle Ph levels, a simple device was placed in the water to test. Here, you can see clearly the level of 8.5Ph has been obtained.

It’s the perfect water to counterbalance the acidity of your morning coffee, or a western diet.

Please note, children should not drink water with a Ph level higher than 9. So this glass water filter system is ideal for all the family.

Testing the water