Stellar Dome EMR protection


LAST ONE! This is an older model and whilst very effective it has been replaced by the Stellar Dome.

The Space Clearing Dome is ideal for smaller spaces such as offices, studios. Place the Solid State Negative Ion Generator onto a hard surface within the room to neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation and geopathic stress.

Space Clearing Dome



The  Stellar Dome EMR protection has the same benefits as the Geoclense. It is the upgraded Space Clearing Dome with an enhanced and extended harmonizing field.

It will neutralize the dirty electricity, EMF and geopathic stress within your environment as well as 5G radiation. The noxious energy can be completely harmonized with the dome in the room.

Maximize your oxygen levels, immune system and cell growth by cleaning and clearing your air. Simply use a Space Clearing Dome or Geoclense in your home or office.

Remove the stresses on your nervous system caused by positive ions. Start creating healthier and happier environments at home and work.

Choose from a range of colours – all have the same powerful effects

Which is best – Geoclense or Stellar Dome EMR Protection?

The upgraded Dome has the same functionality as the Geoclense. However, if you have mould or vaulted ceilings at home, the Stellar Dome EMR Protection will assist in neutralizing the harmful radiation charge which is emitted by mould (it does not remove the mould).

Being totally portable, it doubles as a travel neutralizer as well. Simply use in your carry on luggage, handbag or school bag to help alleviate the effects of being out and about as well as the environment and room when you arrive.

When the Geoclense is plugged in, it clears the electrical circuitry and smart meters. The Dome operates like a healthy Earth Ley line.

We are not aware of any other product that has the ability to negate all types of EMF, EMR and geopathic stress in a space where either the  Dome or Geoclense is installed.