Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer

Whether it’s a long haul or short flight, air-travel is now made more comfortable and safer. Radiation protection whilst flying is now available.

How does the Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer work?

The new look Harmonizer is now called the Stellar Cabin Disk.

Field tested using Body Biofeedback, the Harmonizer creates Negative Ion resonance inside the aircraft. Did you know there is the same amount of positive charge (energy draining) at 30,000 ft in an aircraft cabin that an electrical sub-station has!

The Harmonizer completely removes all the stress impacting your nervous and meridian system. Indulge in a very relaxed and nausea free flying experience for you and all your fellow passengers.

The Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer utilizes a new state of the art resonance technology called Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies (SANIT). It activates its Negative Ion harmonizing resonance to a predetermined field of effect without having to be in contact with a hard activating surface or being plugged in into an electrical system.

It fully sanitizes all the EMF pollution and unclean energy circulating around the aircraft. This helps you to breathe easier, feel fresh longer, and sleep comfortable inside the plane. It is also suitable for light aircraft, buses, trains. Other public spaces such as malls, hospitals and buildings will be neutralized with this Harmonizer in your bag.

Specifically designed in a small disk at approximately 6 cm in diameter. The Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer  fits conveniently into your carry-on luggage, laptop bag or handbag. Take the best possible passenger experience flight after flight with you when you travel.